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Located inside UF Innovate | The Hub at Innovation Square, Podcast Central is a full service podcast production and consultation company.

We offer premium podcast recording and editing services. We handle podcast integrations into existing websites, Youtube, Spotify, and iTunes; all in our local Gainesville Studios.



747 SW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601
@ UF Innovate | The Hub



M-F 10a–10p
Sa as-needed


Pod Packages



$74 Demo Session

We want to make this work! If you have any hesitations about the investment involved in starting a podcast, just come in for a demo session and see if you dig it as much as we think you will.

This includes 60 min of recording and light editing to get a feel of what the process is like. RSS services are not included in this package. Try it out.


$249 per month

Launch that Podcast! Get the essential services and expertise needed to get your podcast off the ground.

  • 2 hours of studio time weekly

  • Editing with limited specifications

  • Distribution to iTunes

Brand Builder

$549 per month

Grow a robust podcast that delivers a powerful and consistent message to your audience.

  • 6 hours of studio time weekly

  • Editing with limited specification

  • Professional Host Coaching

  • Distribution to iTunes and Spotify

  • Custom logo design (limited spec)

  • Social Media or website integration



$1,050 per month

Add a professionally produced podcast to your cadre of marketing/pr channels.

If podcasts are an effective marketing tool for Goldman Sachs, it may be effective for your brand as well.

Professional Host Coaching

24 hour priority studio time

Editing with full specification

Distribution to iTunes and Beyond

Custom logo design

Social Media management

Full Website (Squarespace)

Company wide access


Additional Services

  • Just Editing $100 per hour.

  • Just need a logo $100.

  • Transcribing. Turn podcasts into text.

  • Technical Consulting on equipment, software and apps for bootstrapping and best practices

  • Detailed notes and blog posts

  • Social media graphics and promotion

  • Best practices for guest management consulting

  • Repurpose and reactivate social media for evergreen content

  • Intro/outro music and professional voiceover work (male or female)

  • Monitor and promote social media channels including community pages, groups, and accounts


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